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♥ Attitude of Gratitude: June Edition ♥

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Conquered June!

June was a nerve-wracking month for me. We had a hard time adapting to the new-baby-no yaya set-up. This is also the culprit for my deliberate pause from blogging. My family had to adjust and put things in order first and establish a routine and system that works best for everybody. Mornings are like zombie runs while evenings are heavy drama. Thankfully, there’s romance and comedy in between and no thriller at all.

July is almost a relief although we still need to polish our family routine a little bit more. Without God’s grace, it’s impossible for us to weather the month that passed. Thank You, Lord! So, what are the little blessings that heaven sent our way to conquer June?

A comfortable ride to and from the office. Traffic still irritates me but in most days, we get to enjoy smooth rides and because of this, we are less stressed and tired. Also, it enables me to bring home cooked food for my family, things I cannot easily do with crowded trains. In most days, having our own ride saves us time. Hailing a cab takes us around 30 minutes! Waiting for a train takes us around 40 minutes!

The wonder of breast milk. We’ve saved a lot of money because of my breast milk. And, I feel like I’m shielding baby V from illnesses the best way possible. Thank you to my sister for lending me her costly but very effective electric double breast pumps. However, I’m a bit sad because lately, I’ve been producing less milk. I tried drinking malunggay tea but I don’t think they work for me. Any suggestion so that I can produce more milk?

spectra breast pump
A working hand-me-down electric breast pump is the best! This costs around 10K!

The nurturing people surrounding my children. One, in particular, is Jonath’s former nursery teacher. My husband decided against enrolling Jonath to a big school for this year and I now realized it was the smartest move. Now, he’s finishing Kindergarten level at the same school he was in last year and I requested her former teacher to tutor him especially in his assignments, reading, and writing. It’s an additional cut in our budget but it worth every peso. Jonath has improved so much in his reading and writing and it takes off the guilt and pressure in me to teach him. I’m not a lazy mother, I’m a breastfeeding mom of a fairly newborn with a pretty toddler who needs all the help she can get and I’m super happy to have gotten Teacher Marlyn’s help. I’d like to know how other moms teach their kids especially young children with close age gaps.

Solutions. Yes, every problem has a solution. It is just that sometimes the solution is not what we have in mind. I have solved our dinner dilemma by buying from our canteen extra food. I refrigerate in the office, transport back home inside a thermal bag and then reheat at night. Sometimes, they eat them for next day’s lunch pa. This July, I have to put more attention to Jonath’s school baon. I survived June with mostly processed food which I admit is not healthy for my son. So, I promise to make changes this July. Any tips, mommies? What do you make/cook for your kids’ baon?

maki roll
Having three young children, I feel like I need to be a chef or a master of kiddie meals. HELP!

Last but not the least, I’m grateful to still be breathing life in the office. After my maternity leave, my work piled up like a trash of mountain in a city. Actually until now, but I’m recovering. I am doing it and I’m gonna clear my table again, soon.

This post is not only a traditional monthly gratitude list. This post is also a “question” post. See? As a mom of three, I have not figured it all out yet. I still wonder a lot and ask questions a lot too. And, I think there is nothing wrong with that. I even think it’s smart to ask questions. There are so many things to learn from other mommies. So, to you Ms. Rogacion who sent me an e-mail with questions about PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy Card, thank you for asking and reading my humble blog. I hope I have answered your questions well.

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