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Streaming is Life!

I found a new way of enjoying a couple of hours of me-time – media streaming! Technically, streaming is (receiving) content sent over the internet in compressed form and is displayed real-time. That way, the recipient or viewer/user need not download a file to play it since the file is sent in a continuous stream of data and plays as it arrives.

On which do I spend my stream-time?

Netflix is so far my number one favorite. Why? Because it has numerous titles. For now, I’m glued on the nine seasons of “Forensic Files”. I also find myself enthusiastically watching documentaries about the British Royal Family. Ever since the new Duchess of Sussex is put on the spotlight, I kinda adored her fashion style which I find more wearable than the others. Maybe it’s the western influence. From time to time, I also pick from the movie sections, whether a blockbuster one or a Netflix original, like “The Kissing Booth” and “Sierra Burgess”. My plan of P550 per month is the most expensive which allows up to four user profiles. And, ultra HD na yun.

Iflix. For Tagalog fix, choose Iflix. Hehe. Aside from the Tagalog shows and movies, it also has interesting K-drama choices. Meron ding mga English movies and series. Actually, I watched (again) the first four seasons of “House”. Why only four out of eight? I was kinda attached with the original cast! Actually, I subscribe to Iflix for my mom and she’s enjoying it. Too much I guess, that she sometimes doesn’t sleep! My Iflix plan costs P129 per month. HD na rin yun. Ang mura diba?

iWanTV. Okay, my mom and I subscribe to iWanTV only because of “Halik”!!! Haha. Well, plus “Probinsyano”, for my mom. Medyo gasgas na ang other woman, infidelity, home wreckers and agawan/palitan ng asawa na plot and to be honest, hahanapan mo talaga ng moral story ang mga ganitong shows, but, “Halik” cast is so damn effective, most especially Jerico Rosales (my loves). Kaya instead of watching them in the tube (TV), mas gusto ko na sa privacy of my tablet. iWanTV also has a few Tagalog films. Some are classic while the restored ones are being offered for pay-per-view. I found here my childhood favorite horror film, “Huwag Mong Buhayin ang Bangkay”. Have you seen that? If not, you should. Charito Solis’ acting was epic. iWanTV is for free except for films they offer for pay-per-view.

YouTube. The original. Hehe. The father of streaming. (Tama ba?) I turn to YouTube to view my favorite YT channels na mostly ay about life/mommy hacks, five-minute crafts/cooking, how to be a minimalist and improving one’s style. Sometimes, I also watch channels that make me laugh like Alex Gonzaga’s or other personalities that inspire me in one way or another. YT is of course for free but medyo nakakainis na ang frequency ng ads, sa totoo lang.

I really hope that the third telco would be the answer to the exceptional sloooow internet in the Philippines. With media streaming becoming a way of life for many people, faster, reliable and worthy internet service is nothing short of public interest anymore. Good luck to all of us who live by the cry, Streaming is Life! P.S. This Christmas, my hubby is asking me if I want a Smart TV so the kids and I can stream using our TV. Hmmm.

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