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How a Bee Saved the Holidays?

To set a little order in my humble e-home this 2019, I will (try to) set aside Mondays for topics about family life. Family life includes parenting tips and tricks, child issues, mommy hacks, mom finds, marital bliss and the joys and challenges of parenthood.

For the pilot post, I want to share with you how a bee saved our holidays. We’re on for a ten-day holiday vacation which started on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Imagine how much food I need to stock for three little and two adult tummies. Mommy Confession: It’s not true that being a mother, especially of three young ones, would make you invincible! Because honestly speaking, there is one task I could not do when I’m with my three rambunctious kiddos and that is grocery shopping!

On that rainy Sunday, we directly went to our Southern home with an empty pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator simply because I could not do grocery shopping with kids on my tail. As a mom/parent, I was near on panic thinking how to feed four stomachs. Haha. Thank goodness, a Bee saved the day/holidays! What Bee? It’s HonestBee!

HonestBee is a food/grocery delivery service right at your fingertips! I’ve been availing HonestBee’s services for more than a year now, but my usual delivery address is at my office. I’m so glad to check that they also deliver at our Southern home! Eagerly, I added items after items to my virtual cart. At exactly six in the evening, my pack of groceries arrives! Just in time for dinner preparation. In order to use HonestBee, all you need are an internet connection and cash/credit card!

Here is how to shop your grocery through HonestBee:

1. Make sure you have an internet connection.

2. Turn on your phone’s GPS.

3. Turn on the app (it’s downloadable).


4. Choose the service you’d like to avail, grocery delivery or food delivery.

5. Set your delivery address. Warning: Changing address would automatically empty your cart!


6. Choose a store to where you’d like to buy from. The available stores depend on your delivery address.


7. Add items to your cart. Just like any other online shopping sites, you can browse through categories. Filter and sort to your liking and search for a specific item. If you already have an order history, you can just add your previous order/s to your cart.


8. Check-out. Don’t forget to check your delivery address, contact number, delivery time, instructions, if any, and mode of payment (cash or credit card).

Concierge fee is at P100.00 Pwede na if you are to put the cost on gas/taxi, parking, and snacks post-grocery. Delivery is at P100.00 too but can be free if you’ve reached a certain amount.

9. Wait for your items to arrive!



Thanks, HonestBee! You saved our holidays. Even my hubby was happy since he did not need to go out for our baby V’s diaper and distilled water. Yup, they delivered to us 6L of distilled water! Amazing! My haul actually lasted for ten days. May sobra pa. I’m a bit sad I was not able to attend HonestBee’s sponsored dinner for their patrons due to jampacked holiday schedules. Maybe next time, I hope they invite me again.

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