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♥ God is a Generous God ♥

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God is a Generous God!

You can never outgive God. I firmly believe in that. That’s why I am sometimes in wonder how come I still worry about provisions. Worrying. One thing I hate about motherhood is that it gave me brand-new all-intense fears and turned me into a worry-rat. But, faith tells me to trust God’s promises. He promises to provide for us, didn’t He? So, He will!

This year is obviously an expensive year for us. I gave birth through a surprised/emergency cesarean section. A baptismal two months later. Credit card debts are suddenly all due that were from 2016 Holiday splurge (I bought appliances for mom’s, dad’s and sister’s house.). We bought a car. I had bookings with a five-star hotel supposedly for Mothers’ Day which we didn’t get to use because my CS wound had a hole and my mom was almost hospitalized. Our non-refundable roundtrip plane tickets to Hongkong were forfeited. A dear cousin died. I had to contribute for his funeral expense. It may sound trivial but I had to replace ninety percent of my wardrobe, from undergarments to workwear because my old ones no longer fit. They don’t look nice on me anymore. I’m not happy nor comfortable wearing them ever since my body changed after giving birth three times.

I always think that I can never be a financially wealthy person because I’m the type of person who lets go of money easily. I always give and spend every chance I get. I give tips to service people. I always pay over and above the taxi meter, especially if the driver is a senior citizen. I like sharing what I have and I also like to spoil not only myself but especially my family. And yet, when I look at our financial life, we’re still good. Actually, we’re better than good. Well, we have enough, even more than enough, maybe. We managed to get a car, insurance, and columbary. I managed to buy new blings and replace my clothes. My kids get the vaccines they need. They have fabulous toys. My son goes to school. He even has a tutor. We eat more than three times a day and we eat delicious food. We even go and eat outside sometimes. We celebrate birthdays and some special occasions. We can share our blessings and help other people. He replaced what I’ve lost and sustains me all this time.

So, this is all I can say, WE CAN NEVER OUTDO GOD IN HIS GIVING. As they say, you stop giving to other people when God stops giving you blessings because you know what, it’s NEVER EVER GONNA HAPPEN. I truly believe in that. And, I claim that for my life! I had so many expenses this year. Some are necessary expenses while the others were merely wants. I could improve my priorities and money discipline next year (or, tomorrow!). I’d like to believe I was able to share din naman my blessings to others this year although I admit, what I gave may not be enough or it could never be enough.

Next year, I want to have a friendly race with God in terms of giving. You know why? Because I know I will not win! Hehe. But, seriously, thank You, dear God, for giving me more than I need, for making me an instrument to help others for Your glory and for never failing to amaze me with your giving power. May I be able to give and share more of what you blessed me with next year. God is good!

P.S. I’m sorry for the missed opportunities.

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